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of real estate agencies

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Our mission

The Broker Certificate is a neutral and independent certification of real estate agencies.

It is open to any agency located in Luxembourg that wishes to participate.

The aim of the certification is twofold:

  • to offer the market an objective and free assessment of the quality, integrity and skills of realtors throughout Luxembourg
  • to help realtors identify their weaknesses so they can improve their service and client satisfaction.  

Independence and neutrality

“The  Broker Certificate” is not involved in any real estate activity. It is therefore 100% neutral, objective and independent.

The certification as well as the process of certifying estate agencies are validated by ESCEM asbl (European Society for Certification of Management Systems), a private and independent certification body accredited by the Luxembourg Accreditation and Surveillance Office (OLAS), the national accreditation body of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Citation - The Broker Certificate

The certification is composed of more than 200 examination points, to which every interested agency has to submit. The label shows realtors their position amongst anonymised competitors, so that they know precisely where they have to improve in order to be more competitive.

The Certification

The certification is conducted annually and consists of quantitative and qualitative tests divided into 4 areas:


(55% weighting)

This theme is subdivided into 4 sub-categories:

  • Factual Analysis
  • Skills Analysis
  • Promotion and Network
  • Services

Ethical conduct and Compliance

(12.5% weighting)

The analysis focuses on compliance with laws, the existence and application of ethical values ​​and codes, as well as the quality and conformity of documents used in the process (e.g. sales agreements).


Customer Experience and Satisfaction

(25% weighting)

The analysis focuses on the procedures that the agency has put in place to ensure attentiveness to customers as well as their satisfaction. Similarly, qualitative surveys are conducted with several recent clients of the agency, covering 10 issues identified as the most important for sellers and buyers.

Continuous Improvement

(7.5% weighting)

Analysis of the procedures implemented within the agency to evolve positively and thus ensure a continuous improvement of its services.

The "profession" theme is subdivided into following  4 sub-themes:

Factual Analysis

For this point, the elements taken into account include the number of years the agency has been in existence, the experience of the manager and its agents; the financial strength of the company; the number of properties sold each year as well as their type and region; the training provided to staff, etc.

Skills Analysis

The knowledge, practical and theoretical skills of the agency are examined, both in areas directly but also indirectly related to the exercise of their profession.

Assessments include the ability to establish a realistic evaluation of the property value, tax and legal advice, renovation advice etc.

Promotion and Network

This part aims to determine the effectiveness of the agency in finding buyers quickly for a property. They also analyse communication, the tools used, the budgets allocated, network and databases, etc.

Provided Services

The range of services adds considerable value for the seller and the buyer. The analysis at this level focuses on the advice that the agency is able to provide and the level of that advice.


Estate agencies that have passed the certification receive an official certificate they can display in their agency, as well as window stickers.

Each certificate features the calendar year that the certification relates to as well as a one-to-five star rating that reflects the overall score of the agency.

The details of the certifications remain confidential, but any interested party can make a request via the form below to obtain the summary of the certification of any certified agency.

The results of the certifications are also used by our partner HOMEXPERTS.LU to select the agencies for their portal, aiming to connect selling owners with highly reliable agencies. 

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